Sigrún Lilja appointed Director of International Division

Sigrún Lilja Guðbjartsdóttir has been appointed Managing Director of The International Division of The Iceland Chamber of Commerce, starting August 1st. Sigrún Lilja holds a cand. merc from the Business University of Aarhus, Denmark along with a BsC from the University of Iceland.

Sigrún was the Managing Director of the Icelandic Dance Company and one of the founders of the creative group ”Á vit…”. As well as holding an extensive business degree Sigrún worked on the report on alternative revenue creations for tourism for the Icelandic Tourist Board. Sigrún was the managing director of Leikhúsmógúllinn, The Center of Reykjavík, and Pourquoi Pas; “A French Spring in Iceland” - the french cultural festival which later became an official cooperation project of France and Iceland in culture, science and business. Before that, Sigrún worked as the Managing Director of the information department for the Icelandic Chamber of Export.

Sigrún has quite the cultural roster, along with a background in management and business. Sigrún is a board member of NSA Ventures, Action for Job Creation and the Cultural Committee of Garðarbær town. Sigrún is the Chairman of The Icelandic Stage Art Committee and holds a place in the official Stage Art Selection Committee for The Artists’ Salaries in Iceland.

Sigrún is excited and ready to take on the challenging assignments at The International Division, mainly empowering the business connections between Icelandic and foreign companies, along with underpinning internationalization in the Icelandic workforce.

The Iceland Chamber of Commerce welcomes Sigrún Lilja and looks forward to a prosperous collaboration.

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