About The NAC

The Nordic Arbitration Centre (NAC) is an independant arbitration institute, a platform for dispute resolution. NAC is a part of the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, but is independant in its operation of the dispute resolution platform. NAC consists of the board and the office of the NAC.

The main role and tasks of the NAC are to:

  • supervise national and international arbitral proceedings,
  • appoint arbitrators at request of the parties,
  • to promote arbitration and provide information regarding arbitration and arbitral proceedings

Further information regarding the NAC is provided at the office of the Chamber of Iceland.

The Board of the Nordic Arbitration Centre

The board of the NAC consists of: Baldvin Björn Haraldsson (chairman), Ásthildur Otharsdóttir, Eiríkur Elís Þorláksson, Gunnar Sturluson and Marta Guðrún Blöndal. The Secretary General of the NAC is Agla Eir Vilhjálmsdóttir.

The NAC Board

Baldvin Björn HaraldssonChairman
Ásthildur Otharsdóttir
Eiríkur Elís Þorláksson
Gunnar Sturluson
Marta Guðrún Blöndal

Secretary General

Agla Eir Vilhjálmsdóttir

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