ATA Carnet

The World Customs Organization (WCO), in Brussels, adopted rules on ATA Carnet certificates who allow for temporary exportation on goods and samples of goods. It is expected that these goods are imported back within a year of usage in one country or more. In some cases this time-limit can be extended. More than 150,000 Carnets are issued every year worldwide, for goods with a total value of over US$17 billion. Carnets cover all goods traded internationally, with the exception of perishable items. A bearer of an ATA certificate does not pay customs or other importations fees in countries which are members of the ATA agreement, which are 71 today.

The Iceland Chamber of Commerce provides ATA certificates for goods temporarily exported from Iceland. Goods which have been exported from Iceland on an ATA certificates in recent years are predominantly cinematographic equipment, computers and software, art and props, stereos, gauges, electronic equipment, clothing and other goods. The ICC World Chamber Federation administeres the ATA Carnet system.