Corporate Governance

The Chamber has taken on the initiative of publishing guidelines on corporate governance in collaboration with SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise and Nasdaq Iceland. The sixth edition of the guidelines was issued in February 2021.

The guidelines can be accessed here

Both at home and abroad companies have increasingly constructed and applied their own procedures and benchmarks to meet higher standards. It is very important for the business community to show enhanced initiative in this field and show that it is more viable and better that companies display and take on themselves responsibilities than increasing public surveillance and regulation.

The guidelines' objective is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of board members and company directors. By doing so it is made easier for these individuals to manage their duties at the same time as shareholder's benefits are strengthened. The Chamber has also published guidelines on corporate governance for public companies, triggered by the state's acquisition of Iceland's three biggest banks.

Printed copies of the Guidelines can be ordered via email and the price is 2.900 ISK per copy.

Information regarding matters of Corporate Governance is provided by Agla Eir Vilhjálmsdóttir, the Chamber’s General Counsel.