Certificates of origin

Certificates of origin serve the purpose of confirming the origin of a specific good. The concept is primarily known from free-trade agreements, but they stipulate on customs perquisite for goods originated in the respective countries of the agreement. The Agreement on the European Economic Area also has a special protocol on the origin on goods, protocol 4.

The Customs offices in states which have not made free-trade agreements with Iceland often request confirmation of the goods origin. It is also common that foreign buyers of goods request that Icelandic exporters acquire from the Chamber a confirmation of the goods Icelandic origin. The reason for these certificates are issued by the Chamber is the general trust that Chambers around the world enjoy. In some cases they are considered more reliable than governments.

A new electronic application system was implemented in August 2014. The new system is intended to improve service and secure the traceability of the certificates. In addition to that Iceland is following the example of neighbouring countries that have been implementing electronic systems. Press here to access the application system. A letter of confirmation can be sent to clients to verify the introduction of the new electronic application system.

More information on certificates of origin are accessible on the ICC website.

For more information contact Hulda Sigurjónsdóttir.